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NEW PRODUCT: EDJI Deluxe Cylinder Cover

NEW PRODUCT: EDJI Deluxe Cylinder Cover

Joyce Knits And Sews LLC

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NOTE: We are now taking advanced orders for the EDJI Deluxe Cylinder Cover. Anticipated wait time is two weeks. If your order contains other items, we will hold your order and ship all items at the same time. 

Our EDJI (rhymes with edgy) Deluxe Cylinder Covers are designed to keep the project on your needles and yarn carrier protected when not in use or during transportation. They are especially handy if you're in the middle of a project; just pop the cover on your cylinder and off you go!

Product dimensions: 5.5"x7"x4".  Weight: 2.2 oz.

SHIPPING. This product is shipped to the United States and Canada.

NOTE: 3D printed objects are somewhat fragile. Please treat them with care. 
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