Speedy Cone Winder

Introducing the Speedy Cone Winder™

If you're an avid CSM sock knitter like I am, you know the importance of having your yarn wound onto a cone before you embark on a sock-making adventure. Trying to feed yarn to your sock machine or a flat bed machine in any shape other than a cone is likely to result in frustration (those dreaded dropped stitches) and unsightly blemishes (uneven tension) in your handiwork!

When searching for ways to wind yarn onto a cone, I struggled to find what I wanted. I turned to my engineer husband, who has a knack for invention and design and a love for 3D printers, for help. He was up to the challenge! Enter: The Speedy Cone Winder™. With this this device, I can spend a fraction of my time and effort winding yarn and focus more time and attention on knitting socks. 

I love this product and I know that others will, too! 

- Joyce

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