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Heel Hold Down

Heel Hold Down

Joyce Knits And Sews LLC

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The Heel Hold Down takes the place of using heel weights when shaping your sock heel. No more stabbing yourself with those sharp heel forks or continually moving them up as you shape the heel and hoping you have them in the right place. Simply place the Heel Hold Down next to the area of the cylinder where you are shaping your heel. A gentle pressure is all that is necessary to keep the stitches from popping off the cylinder needles. Once you have completed the heel, add weights to help hold the stitches in place. The Heel Hold Down also works great for shaping the toe of your sock.

Product dimensions: 4" x 2" x 2".  Weight: 0.5 oz.

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NOTE: 3D printed objects are somewhat fragile. Please treat them with care. 
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