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Speedy Cone Winder™

Speedy Cone Winder™

Joyce Knits and Sews LLC

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The Speedy Cone Winder™ is the efficient machine knitter's dream! This easy-to-use electric yarn cone winder allows knitters to wind 100g of fingering weight yarn onto a cone in just 2.5 minutesDesigned to be used by either left-handed or right-handed users, the Speedy Cone Winder boasts a 12vdc motor for quick and smooth winding. The standing frame allows the user to easily guide the yarn while it winds, resulting in an even yarn cone ideal for high-quality knitting projects! The upgraded yarn cone winder includes a guard and a large knob. No need to purchase a large knob separately.

The Speedy Cone Winder™ unit is fully assembled; simply plug in the included power source and add a cone to get started. Five cardboard cones (bottom diameter 2.625", top diameter 0.5", height 6.75";) are included.

Product dimensions: 11" x 7" x 6". Weight: 15.7 oz., including power supply.

SHIPPING. This product is shipped to the United States and Canada.
NOTE: 3D printed objects are somewhat fragile. Please treat them with care. 
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