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Speedy Cone Winder 2.0™

Speedy Cone Winder 2.0™

Joyce Knits And Sews LLC

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The Speedy Cone Winder 2.0™ boasts a larger, more robust motor compared to the original Speedy Cone Winder™. The helical screw in this new design is driven by the motor instead of the yarn driving the pulley compared to the Speedy Guide And Go™. This provides a smoother and quieter operation. The yarn is easily threaded through the yarn traps -- all from the top -- meaning that a partially wound cone can be removed from the winder for an emergency wind of something else, and frogging a partially used cone is extremely easy. All the controls are easily accessible on the front of the winder. This cone holder design, with slide-on adapters and a universal cone retention knob, means that you can easily wind on three different styles of cones. Five narrow end cones are included with your purchase. All components store securely in the case, handcrafted in our workshop, for ease of storage and transport.

Case dimensions: 15"x11"x6".  Dimensions when in operation: 15"x18"x6".
Weight: 8 lbs.

SHIPPING. This product is shipped to the United States and Canada.

NOTE: 3D printed objects are somewhat fragile. Please treat them with care. 
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