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Speedy Guide And Go™

Speedy Guide And Go™

Joyce Knits And Sews LLC

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The Speedy Guide And Go™ is the perfect complement to your Speedy Cone Winder™. This hands-free device guides the yarn onto your cone quickly and easily. Included with the Speedy Guide And Go™ is a handy Quick Stop button. Also included are Barf Blockers in two sizes--for small-end cones and wide-end cones. These Barf Blockers help to eliminate the yarn barf on the end of the cone that can sometimes appear when winding. All components, including your Speedy Cone Winder™, fit inside the carrying case, making it convenient to take to your next crank in. The wooden case is handcrafted in our workshop and is included with purchase. The Speedy Guide And Go™ only works with the Speedy Cone Winder™, which is purchased separately. Yarn is not included. 

Case dimensions: 12"x 10"x8".  Dimensions when in operation: 12"x24"x8".
Weight: 5 lbs.13 oz.

SHIPPING. This product is shipped to the United States and Canada.

NOTE: 3D printed objects are somewhat fragile. Please treat them with care. 
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